Neck and upper back pain is a common problem, which can result from injury, but more often is a result of the build-up of stress on the tissues and muscular tension over a prolonged period of time.  Consequently prolonged sitting and poor posture may play a part in causing the pain, with evidence suggesting that sustained or intense stress also being a contributing factor. 

Due to the close proximity of the shoulders to the neck, with many shared muscle attachments, it is not uncommon for neck and shoulder pains to occur together or as a result of one another.  For this reason, you may also find the shoulder section of this website helpful, as well as the section for office workers if you feel your sedentary job may be part of the issue.

See video links for neck and upper back exercises as well as downloadable advice and exercise sheets on the right. Additional link below contains information to help manage office related aches and pains. 

For information on managing pain in the office environment, including workstation self-assessment and exercises to complete at your desk. Please view the 'office workers' tile in the self care section of the website.