Whilst we can’t avoid aging, there are many things that we can do to improve our health and quality of life and maintain our independence.  This section offers a wealth of links to resources which can support you achieve these goals.  Your local physiotherapist and GP practice may also be able to help you access specific support and discuss any concerns you may have. As part of the normal aging process our balance and mobility can become compromised. If you would like more information and advice regarding this please see the balance and falls prevention tile in the self care section of this websit.

If you are living with persistent pain and would like more information, view the living with longstanding pain section of our website.

This charity’s website offers advice and support with lots of issues around aging.

This charity’s website offers plenty of information about osteoporosis including screening, prevention and treatment.

Connect to support Lincolnshire website is designed to provide you with advice and information of the multiple services across the county. The links below direct you to areas of the webpage that we feel are useful as we start to face older age.

Staying Independent: (including walking aids, equipment, home adaptations and accessing help at home)

Money and legal matters: (including managing money, social care, and legal matters)

Within Lincolnshire there is a wealth of opportunity to become involved in a variety of groups and activities.