Foot pain can be as a result of many conditions, as well as a direct injury to the area itself.  One of the most common conditions affecting the heel and sole of the foot is plantar fasciitis; specific information regarding this condition can be found below.  If the foot looks very different to the other one, for example it is discoloured, very swollen or misshapen following an injury, it is important to have it properly assessed; often this can be done at your GP surgery without the need for attending the hospital. 

However, milder, more general problems will often improve with simple exercises, modifying your activities for a short period and maybe changing your footwear.  Information regarding how to self-manage your foot pain, as well as when it may be necessary to access specialist assessment, are outlined in this section.

If this is an acute injury you may find the section on soft tissue injuries useful, it's at the bottom of the specific conditions page.

Podiatry advice on managing a wide range of common foot problems affecting the feet and ankles including footwear and when a podiatrist may be able to help.