Longstanding (“chronic”) pain, whether it be in a single area or throughout the body can be a very debilitating condition which often affects both your physical and mental health, for more information about looking after your mental well-being see the 'caring for your mental health' tile on the self care page of the website. 

This section provides a wealth of resources to help you understand how and why pain persists, and how you may be able to manage and cope with it better.  Many people live with persistent pain, but this doesn’t mean that new pains should not be taken seriously; the specific conditions section has plenty of useful resources for local aches and pains and your local physiotherapist will be able to assess and advise on the management of new injuries or concerns.

Flippin' Pain hosted it's 3rd Pain: Do You Get It? community engagement event in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. The venue was at full capacity with approx. 90 people from the surrounding communities attending to hear Prof. Lorimer Moseley and Prof. Cormac Ryan lead an educational seminar designed to present an understanding of contemporary pain science to a general public audience.

Please also take time to view the other very useful resources on the 'Flippin pain' You Tube channel.

ESCAPE Pain is a free NHS online resource of education and exercises for sufferers of chronic hip and knee pain.

Information about the county-wide service available to sufferers of persistent pain in Lincolnshire.

Website link:

Lincolnshire – Connect Health

Fibromyalgia Action UK is a charity providing a wealth of information and support on the condition.

NHS UK provide additional information, advice and support for people living with fibromyalgia and needing help to self manage.

Pain, the brain and your amazing protectometer - Lorimer Moseley.

Listen to a lecture below from one of the leading Pain Science Physiotherapists in the world.