You may be asked to remove some of your clothing to expose body parts so that the physiotherapist can fully assess and help you with your problem. Please wear or bring along appropriate clothing so that we can assess and treat effectively. For example, if we are looking at a neck, a vest top would be adequate, or if we need to see your knee a pair of shorts would be advisable. Some assessments may require us to look further past the site of pain/issue itself, however we always work to maintain patient dignity. We understand that you may feel uncomfortable or unable to do this for personal or cultural reasons and this will not affect the quality of care you receive.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your appointment please speak to your physiotherapist or contact admin team via the contact details on your appointment letter.

Our current waiting time is between 0-6 weeks

The service operates during the core hours of 9am to 5pm but there may be some appointments earlier and later than this depending on area.

At present you are given a choice of initial appointment either over the phone or face to face. However we do have the ability to conduct a video consultation via Qhealth. If this is something you would find beneficial please discuss further with our admin team or the physiotherapist during your initial consultation.