The achilles tendon (the thick tendon running down the back of your ankle) can become inflamed and sometimes thickened as a result of repetitive trauma and resultant weakening of the tendon and structures around it.  Although symptoms may come on very quickly, recovery of the tendon can take some time, so it is very important to be patient and follow the guidance carefully to encourage maximal recovery. 

If you are concerned that you may have torn the tendon, it is important to get it assessed as soon as possible; details as to the signs and symptoms of this are outlined below, or your local physiotherapist will be able to advise on this, providing specialist assessment, potentially at your usual GP surgery.

You may also find our soft tissue injuries page useful for self-managing simple strains and sprains.

This video clip talks you through how you or a friend can check whether you have snapped your Achilles tendon: if in doubt, go to your local urgent care centre or emergency department.