Balance problems, falls, or fear of falling are common as we get older, but can affect us at any age.  The causes of falls can be complex, and may often need specialist assessment to establish why they are happening and whether any further investigations may be required.  The self-management resources below provide support for the more common causes of falls and may prove very helpful to sufferers and their relatives.  However, should you be experiencing a sudden deterioration in your balance, especially if it is associated with headaches, weakness of the limbs, altered vision or dizziness, it is important to see your GP for a more in-depth assessment.

A guide to falls prevention and balance exercises from the chartered society of physiotherapy.

An NHS guide to balance exercises.

A guide to different walking aids can be found on the Living Made Easy website under the access and mobility tab.

For advice on managing ageing feet, common foot conditions, footwear advice, and when a podiatrist may be able to help.

Connect to support Lincolnshire website is designed to provide you with advice and information of the multiple services across the county. The staying independent part of the webpage contains information which includes, advice on walking aids, equipment, home adaptations and accessing help at home.